Our civilians are able to come to camp dressed as period-civilians or just to wear modern clothing.  Some are parents of the boys and choose to stay at local motels and sight-see during weekend events while their boys re-enact.  Others find it enjoyable staying in camp with us to partake in the music, talk, camp-fare, and camaraderie of the unit.  The 9th KY does everything it can to camp together soldiers and civilians alike.  We are a family-friendly unit and want to make our citizenry feel at home whether dressed out or not.  

  For those that choose to dress in period attire the ladies may enjoy a casual camp dress during the day, and change to a hoop skirt and fancier evening dresses for the evening dances or social affairs.  The ladies often go as a group to visit local places when the monotony of camp gets too much.  Our children enjoy dressing in period attire playing and running around like kids do now and did then.  They learn a lot more about history by dressing the part and living a weekend in camp than they ever will in a classroom.  We have some men that dress in civilian attire as well from time to time.

  The 9th Ky's civilian corps can also be part of a U.S. Sanitary Commission (USSC).  This will allow our civilians a proper tent and fly set-up next to the soldiers' camp better and allow them something new to talk about to guests.