Membership Directory

We are an ever-changing cadre of like-minded members. Many of our claimed members do not participate very often, but most do at least occasionally. Some few are at virtually everything. Since we do not require dues or minimum participation requirements we have a larger than normal muster roll than most other units. Eventually if members are gone for years & do not respond to e-mails, they may be purged from the roll merely as a means to clean it up.

We are all equals regardless of rank in this unit. Below are the names as well as currently held ranks each member typically may be found with. We have found that the best officers and NCOs are those that would happily be Privates so all of our soldier members are Privates regardless of what other ranks they also may carry.

We also list our civilian and kids as members here. They are all part of the muster for this unit.

Austin Dubuc (Pvt)

Benjamin West (Pvt)

Ben Olsen (Pvt)

Ben Winters (Pvt)

Brian Castro (Pvt; Cpl; Sgt-Maj)

Brian Holler (Pvt)

Brice Witherow (Pvt)

Bryce 'Buck' Helton (Pvt)

'Critter' Fuqua (Pvt)

Cody Broussard (Pvt)

Steve Corey (Pvt)

Craig Barry (Pvt)

Daniel Burchfield (Pvt)

David Anderson (Pvt)

David Brunner (Pvt; Lt.Col; Capt; Maj-Surgeon)

David Holaway (Pvt)

David Logan Bramer (Pvt)

Dawson Watts (Pvt)

Dieter Ullrich (Pvt)

Donnette Keys (Civilian)

Doug Dickerson (Chaplain)

Ed Mays (Civilian)

Elaine Winters (Civilian)

Gary Wurster (Pvt)

Gavin Wurster (Pvt)

Grace Trostle (Civilian)

Hampton Mays (Pvt; 2Sgt.)

Harry Dolph (Pvt; 1Sgt.)

Haydn Burrell (Pvt)

Hunter Helton (Courier)

Jackson Greer (Pvt)

James 'Jamie' Hill (Pvt; Cpl)

James MacKinnon (Pvt)

Jason Brunner (Pvt; Sgt; Capt.)

Jason 'Bud' Lawson (1Lt. Emeritus)

Jeffrey Carter (Pvt)

Jeremy Fitch (Pvt)

Jeremy Johnson (Pvt)

Jeremy Maloney (Pvt)

Jerry Lutes (Pvt)

Jim Gore (Pvt)

Jim Kant (Treasurer) 2519 Lear Ct., Murfreesboro, TN 37129, 615-308-5204

Jim Lewis (Pvt)

Joe Estep (Pvt)

John Andrews (Pvt)

John Blake (Pvt)

John Chaballa (Pvt)

John Daniel (Pvt)

John Fritz (Pvt)

John Greer (Pvt)

John Puet (Medical)

Jolene 'Jo-Jo' Beach (Civilian)

Jonathan Harrison (Pvt; Cpl; Sgt)

Jonathan Matheny (Pvt)

Jonathan Rudolph (Pvt)

Kyle Maxwell (Pvt; Cpl; Sgt; 2Lt; Pioneer)

Kathy Sutton (Civilian)

Keri Harris (Civilian)

Levi Sutton (Pvt)

'Snookie' Johnson (Civilian)

Mark Whitaker (Pvt)

Matt Daniel (Pvt)

Matthew Hill (Pvt)

Matt McGowan (Pvt)

Matt Mulch (Pvt)

Michael Rearden (Pvt)

Mike Kenyon (Pvt)

Mike Warfield (Pvt)

Nelson Replogle (Pvt)

Nick Reams (Pvt, Medical)

Nora Blake (Pvt)

Patrick Owen (Civilian)

Paul Langley (Pvt)

Paul Rogers (Pvt)

Pete Lunsford (Pvt)

Remington Sutton (Pvt)

Richard Butler (Pvt)

Richard Hillis (Pvt)

RJ Harris (Courier)

Robert Holaway (Pvt)

Robin Wurster (Civilian)

Ronald Butcher (Pvt)

Ron Powell (Pvt)

Ryan Ecken (Pvt)

Ryan Helton (Pvt)

Sam Gant (Pvt)

Sam Maxwell (Pvt)

Sandra Brunner (Civilian)

Sean Ownes (Pvt)

Shaun Washburn (Music)

Stephen Bilbrey (Pvt)

Steven Keys (Pvt)

Teresa Kant (Civilian)

Thomas Van Dyke (Pvt)

Tim McGowan (Pvt)

Tim 'Cooper' Jones (Courier)

Tim Philips (Pvt)

Todd Watts (Pvt; 1Sgt; 1Lt; Adjt; Armorer) PO Box 1174 Brentwood, TN 37024, 615-308-8739

Tony Morreale (Pvt)