Beginning soon after the current 9th Ky unit was founded in Oct., 1991, members began a newsletter. Back in 1992 when the 1st issue came out it was old fashioned paper in the mail, typed up or on a then-new idea called a "com-pu-ter word-processor."  Luckily a few hard copies and disc-saved soft copies survive of those earliest issues.  It went through a few name changes and came and went in its regularity.

On 01 Jan., 2015 it was officially re-born in all-digital format as "The Haversack."  This was the name of the newsletter before it died back around 2000 so after a 15 year spell of no news - the 9th Ky finally was given back its news!  The issues are dated the 1st of each quarter, and labeled as the quarter of the year and the year, in other words Q1 is dated 01 January followed by the year.  All are stored in Adobe .pdf format and may need to be downloaded to your computer in order to be opened depending on your system. Due to space limitations, below are all that are available here, & the addition of each new newsletter forces the oldest one off the page.  Anyone wanting to see one of the ones force off can contact us via the link to the left & the issue desired can be e-mailed.  

Members and visitors alike are welcome to view our newsletters here.  We have nothing to hide (officially)!  

NOTE: Recent website format changes caused the past newsletters to not carry over. Hopefully we can upload them again soon. If you would like a past issue sent to you, e-mail us and we can send it in .pdf format.