About Us

  The 9th Ky Volunteers Infantry Regiment today portrays the Unionists of the Slave-States that came from the northern Middle Tennessee and south-central Kentucky Counties in the fall of 1861.  Hardly recognized today these "southern boys in blue" helped preserve the Union at great personal risk and sacrifices of not only themselves but their loved ones they left behind in enemy territory.  Theirs is a story that ought to be told for without them the outcome of the War Between the States surely would have been different.  Many of the men of the original 9th Ky were slaveholders.  Some were foreign-born.  Some were too old to join and lied-down their ages to serve while many more were too young and lied-up their ages to join.  Most were simple farmers of the region.  Some served heroically, some cowardly, and others in all manners in between - but they were the boys of '61 that we choose to remember today.  Unlike those earlier regiments that enthusiastically joined for service, the men that joined the 9th Ky were well-aware that the war would be long and bloody.  They enlisted for a term of 3 years and entered service knowing that they would likely not see home or familial faces again for a long time - if ever.


  We'd love to have you join up with us or even briefly just to get a taste of the lifestyle of the 9th Ky!  Today's 9th Ky is the only full-time Federal Infantry unit in the Middle Tennessee region and has been steadily in existence for 33+ years.  We are a mainstream unit that believes that it is important to do your best to 'get it right' but as important to have fun so we have the following simple unit guidelines:






  These simple guidelines have served us well and allowed the unit to stay around and grow while many others came and went.  We are eager to help new recruits fit in and will assist with loaner gear, drill, travel, and tentage as needed to make sure all have an opportunity to give re-enacting a try.  While most of our members are in the Middle TN area, we have some members in KY and have accumulated somewhat active members in AL, IA, FL, AL and as far away as AZ.  If this sounds like a unit you would like to be a part of or would like to fall in for an event someday just to see what it is all about, use the 'Contact Us' link and let us know.  You will be welcome!