2024 9th Ky Scheduled Events:

(Bold-Faced are confirmed, 'LH' = Living History)

Jan: Rest

Feb: 17-18 Battle of Olustee, FL re-enactment

Mar: 23 Live-Fire demos, NRA club range - Woodbury, TN

Apr: 27 Infantry Training at Stones River National Battlefield (required for STRI park vols.)

May: 18-19 Battle of Resaca, GA (160th anniversary re-enactment)

May:  18 Stones River National battlefield artillery training date (optional for 9th Ky)

May: 26 Memorial Day salute, Stones River Nat'l Cemetery

Jun: 29-30 Kennesaw Mountain Nat'l Battlefield (160th anniversary LH)

Jul: 13 Stones River Nat'l Battlefield (LH)

Aug: 10-11 Stones River Nat'l Battlefield (unofficial fall-in with 19th IL, LH)

Sep: 14-15 Ft. Williams, Glasgow, KY (living history)

Oct: TBD

Nov: Rest

Dec: 14-15 Ft. Negley / Battle of Nashville 160th anniversary (LH)

28-29 Stones River Nat'l Battlefield (LH)