Records of Service

  The pages listed below* are listed by Company for the ease of studying the Regiment's original Companies & its Field & Staff Officers.  At the head of each Company is a Company Overview that briefly tells what I learned about each Company as I researched its men.  Also heading each Company listing is a Spreadsheet that shows in simple "1" or "0" whether men could be shown as likely present or absent at the most important events of each muster roll.  I originally started these for personal research so the sourcing may not be as detailed as a college professor would like, but all data is correct as taken mainly form the National Archives & Records Administration as downloadable through & with genealogical data collected from & other sources as indicated on each man's page.  Spellings of the names are as appears on their muster rolls with alternates listed in brackets as noted.  Spellings wherever possible were kept just as found on the original documents.  I give permission for the copying of these pages for the use of study of the men, their families, region, the Regiment, etc.  

(*If the records do not appear in the below box, click on it and request permission. It might take a few days but I will open the records to you. This alteration occurred after the website format was changed.)

--Todd E. Watts

  25 Jun., 2012