We are a Civil War reenactment group based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee that portrays the 9th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (US). While we are based in Middle Tennessee, we have active and semi-active members in many states from Florida to Arizona and Alabama to Iowa besides our core Tennessee and Kentucky group. We have male and female members participating, young and old and will not discriminate based on race, religion, creed, etc. 

We are available for school programs, living histories, parades, re-enactments, fund raisers, films or any thing which promotes a positive image of the average Civil War soldier. We are non-political, non-profit, and barely organized other than being a group of like-minded Civil War re-enacting hobbyists that enjoy getting together.

We invite and encourage anyone that wants to learn and enjoy history to join with us. Come and experience the life of an average soldier in the War Between the States. We are dedicated to preserving the memories of those brave men by honorably portraying them. We will assist you with information on these units and the War Between the States. Our members will help you obtain the proper equipment and training. You will learn more about the Civil War history once you have worn the wool and smelled the smoke. If you think this sounds like fun, e-mail us at 9thkyinf@gmail.com and your mustering will begin!

"For memorial is the true purpose of reenacting..." - Ben Winters, member, 7 Mar., 2015

Upcoming Events:

14-15 Sept., Living History, Ft. Williams, Glasgow, KY


Notice:  We try to have 1 official scheduled event per month, so getting requests in early is the best way to get on our calendar. Sorry, we simply cannot attend everything that we are invited to, but drop us a line and we will see what we can do.

We would like to express special thanks to The Charleston Tintypist https://charlestontintypist.com/ for the excellent tintype she made of our unit at the 2021 Battle of Stones River on 24 Oct., 2021! The 9th Ky was the largest single unit at the event blue or gray. We formed a battalion's color-company as well as two solid companies, and once again carried its colors into the battle.