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Exciting 2017 Possibilities!

posted Jul 12, 2016, 7:54 AM by 9th KY Infantry
Rumors of a 155th Shiloh have been around for months.  On 11 July, our friend Earl Z. sent out a e-mail to the MDM that The Atlanta Campaign has been asked to step in and host a 155th Shiloh, so the MDM of which we are a part will certainly be involved!  The dates will be 6-9 April, 2017!  As the 2nd day of Shiloh was the 9th's first battle experience, let's make plans to attend!

There are negotiations also in the works to create a Stones River reenactment in October, 2017.  Wrong time of course, but since the Generals in 1862 were so inconsiderate of future reenactors' holiday schedules as to fight when they did, we have to adjust as we can to have any hope of having an event.