2018 9th Ky Scheduled Events:

(Bold-Faced are confirmed, 'LH' = Living History)


Feb. 17-18 Fort Donelson LH (

Mar. 17 Stones River artillery drill (9th Ky invited)

Mar. 17 Bledsoe Creek State Park Pioneer Brigade demo (some of us needed)

Mar. 24-25 Siege at Bridgeport (

Mar. 31 Stones River infantry drill (9th Ky ENCOURAGED to attend)

Apr. 14-15 Mulkey LH (MAX EFFORT),

May 5-6 Missionary Ridge living history ( 

May 26 Stones River timeline at the cemetery

May 27 Memorial Day at Stones River Nat'l Cemetery (

Jun. 9-10 Wynnewood LH

Jul.: 5-8 155th Battle of Gettysburg (

Aug. 11 Stones River National Battlefield LH (

Sep. 8-9 Battle of Tunnel Hill (

Oct. 26-28 Oaklands Mansion LH (

Nov. 10-11 Ft. Negley LH (

Nov. 11 Veterans' Day Parade, Nashville, TN, 

Dec. Stones River Nat'l Battlefield living history (


Stones River Volunteers Dates (For those 9th Ky that are also STRI VIPs)

Mar 17:   Artillery training (9th Ky invited)

Mar 31:   Infantry training (9th Ky encouraged to attend)

2018 Hallowed Ground Tour Dates:

May 05:  7:00pm

May 19:  7.15pm

Jun 02:   7:30pm

Jun 16:   7:30pm

Jun 30:   7:30pm

Jul 14:    7:30pm

Jul 28:    7:30pm

Aug 11:  7:15pm

Aug 25:  7:00pm

Sep 08:  6:45pm