2017 EVENTS                                                                                                                                                            ( * denoted pending events)                                                                                                                       (MAX) denotes the entire unit is strongly encouraged to attend)

Jan.: REST

Feb. 11-12: Fort Donelson living history (

Mar.: REST (due to 2 events in April)

Apr. 6-9: Shiloh 155th anniversary re-enactment (MAX) (

Apr. 29-30: Triune, TN re-enactment (MAX) (

May 11-12 Sam Davis Home "Days on the Farm" school demos need 2-3 vols. of the 9th Ky

May 27-28: Memorial Day at Stones River Nat'l Cemetery (

Jun. 10: Stones River - Ft. Rosecrans

Jul.: REST

Aug. 5: Stones River National Battlefield

Sep. 22-23: Old Mulkey Meeting House (

Oct. *6: Bledsoe Creek State Park History Trail

Nov. *11: Veterans' Day Parade, Nashville, TN

Dec. 30-31: Stones River Nat'l Battlefield living history (


Stones River Volunteers Dates (For those 9th Ky that are also STRI VIPs)

Feb. 11-12: Fort Donelson artillery (US)

Apr. 11: Artillery Drill

May 27: Soldiers & Civilians demos

Jun: 10: Ft. Rosecrans

Jun: 24-25: Kennessaw Mt.

Jul: 15: Tullahoma Campaign

Aug. 5: US Infantry 

Sep. 9: TBA

Oct. 28-29: US Battery Program

Nov. 4: Infantry Drill

Dec. 30-31: 155th Anniversary