2017 EVENTS                                                                                                                                                            ( * denoted pending events)                                                                                                                       (MAX) denotes the entire unit is strongly encouraged to attend)

Jan.: REST

Feb. 11-12: Fort Donelson living history (

Mar.: 25: Infantry Drill Date at Stones River Nat'l Battlefield 

Apr. 6-9: Shiloh 155th anniversary re-enactment (MAX) (

May 11-12 Sam Davis Home "Days on the Farm" school demos need 2-3 vols. of the 9th Ky

May 20-21 Battle of Resaca (

May 28: Memorial Day at Stones River Nat'l Cemetery (

Jun. 10: Stones River - Ft. Rosecrans

Jul.: REST (Stones River training dates are July 1 & 8 if interested - see below for details)

Aug. 5: Stones River National Battlefield

Sep. 23-24: Old Mulkey Meeting House (CANCELLED)

*Sep 28-29 Sam Davis Home "Heritage Days" school demos need 2-3 vols of the 9th Ky

Oct. *28-29: Oaklands Mansion living history & drill (

Nov. *11: Veterans' Day Parade, Nashville, TN

Dec. 9-10:  Ft. Negley living history (

Dec. 30-31: Stones River Nat'l Battlefield living history (


Stones River Volunteers Dates (For those 9th Ky that are also STRI VIPs)

Feb. 11-12: Fort Donelson artillery (US)

Mar. 25: Infantry Drill

Apr. 22: Artillery Drill

May 27: Soldiers & Civilians demos

Jun: 10: Ft. Rosecrans

Jun: 24-25: Kennessaw Mt.

Jul: 1 Artillery training 9am-3pm

Jul: 8 Infantry training 9am-3pm

Jul: 15: Tullahoma Campaign (Myers Brown crew)

Jul: 22-23 

Aug. 5: US Infantry 

Sep. 9-10: CS Infantry/Artillery

Oct. 28-29: US Battery Program

Nov. 4: Infantry Drill

Dec. 30-31: 155th Anniversary 

Hallowed Ground Tour Dates:

May 20:  7:15pm

Jun 3:    7:30pm

Jun 17:   7:30pm

Jul 8:     7:30pm

Jul 22:   7:30pm

Aug 5:   7:15pm

Aug 19:  7:00pm

Sep 9:    7:00pm


2018 Proposed EVENTS 

(Unit will vote on calendar at the annual meeting in Dec., but below are events ideas.  Bold-Faced are confirmed dates TBD)


Feb. Fort Donelson LH (

Mar. Stones River drill dates / Siege of Bridgeport

Apr. Mulkey LH, Wynnewood LH, 

May Sam Davis Home "Days on the Farm" school demos need 2-3 vols. of the 9th Ky, Battle of Resaca, Battle of                      Sacramento, KY, Mulkey LH

May 27 Memorial Day at Stones River Nat'l Cemetery (

Jun. Wynnewood LH, Mulkey LH

Jul.: REST, 155th Battle of Gettysburg 

Aug. Stones River National Battlefield LH

Sep. Mulkey LH, Battle of Tunnel Hill, Chickamauga LH

Oct. Oaklands Mansion LH

Nov. 11 Veterans' Day Parade, Nashville, TN, 

Dec. Stones River Nat'l Battlefield living history (