( * denotes pending events)
(MAX EFFORT denotes the entire unit is strongly encouraged to attend)

2-3 Jan: Stones River Battlefield Living History

13-14 Feb: Ft. Donelson

2-3 Apr: Siege of Bridgeport, AL or

16-17 Apr: Battle of Triune, TN MAX EFFORT

30 Apr – 1 May: Stones River Battlefield

11-12 May: Sam Davis Home "Days on the Farm" infantry demo (only 2-3 needed)

29 May: Stones River National Cemetery 3-volley salute

11-12 June: Wynnewood

July – rest

20-21 August Oaklands Mansion, Murfreesboro, TN

17-18 Sep: Chickamauga Nat’l Military Park

7-9 Oct: Battle of Perryville, KY MAX EFFORT

*Nov. Blue-Gray Days in Franklin, TN and/or Nashville Veterans’ Day parade

*Dec. Ft. Negley, Nashville, TN and/or Stones River anniversary (Probably 31 Dec - 2 Jan.)

Stones River Vols Programs:

(For the 9th Ky members that also are VIPs for STRI;)

13-14 Feb.:Fort Donelson 

19 Mar., Artillery Training/Certification (9th Ky welcome) 

26 Mar., Infantry Training/Certification (9th Ky Encouraged!)  

01-02 Apr., Artillery at Shiloh16 Apr., Park Day – all demo teams

30 Apr – 01 May, 9th Ky at Slaughter Pen + Artillery  

13-14 May, all demo teams    

18-19 Jun.,  CS Infantry – Need artillery 

24-26 Jun., Artillery at Kennessaw Mt.

16-17 Jul., US Artillery/Signal/Civilian Aug TBD Artillery at Sounds Game 

10-11 Sep., US Infantry & Artillery 

15-16 Sep., Sam Davis Home Artillery

16-18 Sep., Artillery at Chickamauga (with 9th Ky)

22-23 Oct., US Artillery

05 Nov., Artillery Training/Certification (9th Ky welcome) 

31 Dec – 2 Jan, 2017 Stones River Anniversary

Hallowed Ground Dates & times:

04 Jun., 7:45pm

18 Jun., 7:45pm

09 Jul., 7:45pm 

23 Jul., 7:30pm 

06 Aug., 7:15pm 

20 Aug., 7:00pm

10 Sep., 6:45pm 

01 Oct., 6:15pm